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First steps into the world of Food Cultures

During our meeting in Spain, we explored our four fields, GROWING AND COLLECTING, FOOD PREPARATION, EATING AND SHARING and COMMUNICATION AND EDUCATION. We shared knowledge, skills and ideas from many different cultural backgrounds along Europe. And we did realize that food was even more important at a personal level, feeling identified by similar attitudes rooted […]

purchasing kale for a kale and chestnut stew

This Film is a little teaser for the upcoming Zine. It was made at Posada del Valle, Asturias, Spain, at the first meeting of our learning partnership. Julia and Sebastian visiting Viktor, a neighbour, to get some fresh kale for a typical asturian meal: kale and chestnut stew. That day we prepared a cooked and […]

Creating delicious food together in Spain

Creating delicious food in Spain November 2013 For four days we came together and active shared ideas and recipes during lunch and dinner preparation times, about 4,5 hours a day to give an idea about the time spend on this by different participants. We learned many things about gorgeous looking and tasting food, fully made […]