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Poster Saving Seeds for Seed Sovereignity

One of the aspects of the future of food, is to relearn to save seeds. Our dependency on buying seeds for food, from fewer and bigger companies every year, makes us vulnarable.  Rare and local traditional varieties are disappearing. This posters gives an overview of the most common used vegetables and how to save their […]

Dutch Programme Day 4

Thursday morning started with a session by Fionnuala Collins from East Clare Co-op on informal learning tools for adults-using rhythm to move energy in a group to create decisive action and make products from the words and energies stirred up in the group on the theme of food injustice. 2 plays, 3 posters and a […]

Dutch Programme Day 2

Tuesday. The first day of the programme saw an early start with Herb collection with Rascha. Rascha identified 5 herbs growing in the feild around Uelenspieghel camp site and asked 5 collectors to go and find these. In the cold morning dew, Nature was shining and offering her healing plants for those who had eyes […]

The Harvest Festival Food Discussion Circle

The Harvest Festival Food Discussion Circle At our Annual Harvest Festival, we organised a space for people to gather and discuss “The Future of Food” and a full room of delegates from all corners of the world were invited to think about what sustainable food meant for them and to share their thoughts. The Spanish […]

Healthy food recipes and food ideas from the Irish meeting

Autumm is the harvest time for plants! See what we had in our feast in Ireland. Sprouts of chickpeas, mung beans, lentils and alfalfa! Goes well with any meal, even in the breakfast bowl! Era is making the salad dressing Raw food picnic after the seaweed foraging Autumm Beetroot salad – colour theraphy – Beetroot, apples and […]

Informal summary of the Future of Food 5th meeting

By Laura Farkas Scariff, East Clare, Ireland 22-28 October 2014 This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This learning partnership aims to explore and exchange new insights of sustainable practices related to food for a healthy planet and for healthy people and share this knowledge in an inspirational way. This was […]

Kefir-fizzing good!

Kefir -A health boosting superfood! During the Irish learning visit, learners were introduced to Kefir by local nutritionist Colette Mc Mahon from the TrueFood Academy, who is an advocate for the power of Kefir to restore vitality to weakened digestive systems. It is a fermented, enzyme-rich food and is known to regulate the immune system, through […]