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The little booklet of Children’s songs about food

This booklet for children and their parents is a result of the Future Of Food project. The Future of Food is a two year European learning partnership created to exchange practices related to sustainable and healthy food for planet and people. During a visit to Eco Village Sieben Linden in Germany in March 2015, an […]

The Harvest Festival Food Discussion Circle

The Harvest Festival Food Discussion Circle At our Annual Harvest Festival, we organised a space for people to gather and discuss “The Future of Food” and a full room of delegates from all corners of the world were invited to think about what sustainable food meant for them and to share their thoughts. The Spanish […]

KAS survey on the Future of Food

SURVEY DEADLINE: 29th of March 2015 The intention behind this survey is to document your ideas on what educational experiences are best suited to address the future of food and how they can do it. Imagine you had the opportunity to design an learning experience on sustainable and healthy food for planet and people. ***What would […]

We are Loving it! “2*Videos”

 All around Sieben Linden beside the roads and tracks grow fruit trees of all sorts. For instance, apples at one lane, plums on the other and so on. It’s amazing sight for fruit lovers. This is a heritage of the GDR, the other, recently deceased, german state. Commonly, fruit trees where planted everywhere in rural areas and then […]