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Inspiring resources from the outer world!

The Harvest Festival Food Discussion Circle

The Harvest Festival Food Discussion Circle At our Annual Harvest Festival, we organised a space for people to gather and discuss “The Future of Food” and a full room of delegates from all corners of the world were invited to think about what sustainable food meant for them and to share their thoughts. The Spanish […]

Kefir-fizzing good!

Kefir -A health boosting superfood! During the Irish learning visit, learners were introduced to Kefir by local nutritionist Colette Mc Mahon from the TrueFood Academy, who is an advocate for the power of Kefir to restore vitality to weakened digestive systems. It is a fermented, enzyme-rich food and is known to regulate the immune system, through […]

We are Loving it! “2*Videos”

 All around Sieben Linden beside the roads and tracks grow fruit trees of all sorts. For instance, apples at one lane, plums on the other and so on. It’s amazing sight for fruit lovers. This is a heritage of the GDR, the other, recently deceased, german state. Commonly, fruit trees where planted everywhere in rural areas and then […]

Article about food security and nutrition, aka ‘A Carrot Is a Carrot – or Is It?’

Food security is often thought of as a question of diversifying supply and being able to move food through areas plagued by local scarcity, relying on the global economic system – including trade and transport – as the basis for operations. But there is a growing current of opinion that the answer lies much closer […]