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red de bodem (

Door Rascha Wisse, Conferentie initiatief van Eosta, 26-27 juni 2015, Tropeninstituut KIT Amsterdam Tegen de tijd dat je klaar bent om deze alinea te lezen heeft de industriële landbouw al 1300 vierkante meter grond vernietigd, door verzilting, erosie, verzuring, vergiftiging, uitspoeling en verdichting. We zijn het ons misschien niet bewust, maar we staan op de […]

Diets and Landscapes

  What is the landscape we are creating? by Lucia Fernández During our FOF meeting in the wonderful Holland, I was very amused by the landscape and the differences in the ecosystems comparing to the place were I am coming from, which were always a source of inspiration. Going deeper into this topic, there was […]

Poster Saving Seeds for Seed Sovereignity

One of the aspects of the future of food, is to relearn to save seeds. Our dependency on buying seeds for food, from fewer and bigger companies every year, makes us vulnarable.  Rare and local traditional varieties are disappearing. This posters gives an overview of the most common used vegetables and how to save their […]

KAS survey on the Future of Food

SURVEY DEADLINE: 29th of March 2015 The intention behind this survey is to document your ideas on what educational experiences are best suited to address the future of food and how they can do it. Imagine you had the opportunity to design an learning experience on sustainable and healthy food for planet and people. ***What would […]

Community garden at the East Clare Community Co-op, Scariff

Thanks for the great conversation for Michael Kennedy, who is the responsible person for the community garden in East Clare Co-op. He has been working in this garden for one and a half year. He joined the community because he likes doing this and he does gardening at home too, he has experience in growing […]