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Pandora AsociationAbout the Hungarian partner, Pandora

The aim of Pandora Deep Ecology Association is to create opportunities, time and space for mutual learning, to form perspectives and acquire knowledge which help our harmonious coexistence with Nature. Our goal is to spread the insights and practices of deep ecology, voluntary simplicity and permaculture in a broader sense through different learning processes. Learning is a holistic process, involving body, mind and spirit, respecting all learning individuals and the community.

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Agnes RepkaAbout the Hungarian coordinator, Agi R

Agnes Repka is a raw living & vegan food expert with a passion for growing organic food and living a natural lifestyle. She has been sharing her experiences and visions in the last 3 years on her blog and on various lectures around Hungary. She is one half of the raw food catering team LifeKitchen. Agnes studied catering and economy but her focus tuned more on the connection of food, health and sustainability.

“I would like to learn and experience with our partners how to feed ourselves with the healthiest food possible! And I mean healthiest in all way – for our body, for our mind, for our communities and our planet. The next step will be sharing this knowledge!” Agnes R.

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The little booklet of Children’s songs about food

This booklet for children and their parents is a result of the Future Of Food project. The Future of Food is a two year European learning partnership created to exchange practices related to sustainable and healthy food for planet and people. During a visit to Eco Village Sieben Linden in Germany in March 2015, an […]

Healthy food recipes and food ideas from the Irish meeting

Autumm is the harvest time for plants! See what we had in our feast in Ireland. Sprouts of chickpeas, mung beans, lentils and alfalfa! Goes well with any meal, even in the breakfast bowl! Era is making the salad dressing Raw food picnic after the seaweed foraging Autumm Beetroot salad – colour theraphy – Beetroot, apples and […]

Informal summary of the Future of Food 5th meeting

By Laura Farkas Scariff, East Clare, Ireland 22-28 October 2014 This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This learning partnership aims to explore and exchange new insights of sustainable practices related to food for a healthy planet and for healthy people and share this knowledge in an inspirational way. This was […]