FoF Journalism

A FoF Journalist writtes, documents and/or edits stories about sustainable & healthy food for pople & planet. Sharing what, how & why is going on in the world around her/him.



The scope and rich diversity within the world of food is hard to capture in a single glance or way of thinking. Conversations about food tend to be complex subjects with great deal of subtle differences of perspectives and meanings.

Stories are complex and deeply meaningful forms of communicating perspectives and ideas. They differ substantially from narrow explanations of ideas by maintaining a personally empathic dimension that serves the interpreter as a sense making tool to better judge and interpret what is being communicated.

We are inspired by the development of Backpack Journalism in the EU, i.e the idea that anyone can become a journalist with basic IT equipment that fits in a backpack in todays growing world of online social media. Please watch also watch¬†Clay Shirky’s TED talk about how internet will (one day) transform government.

Invitation to become a FOF-journalist

We want to create an exciting and inspiring website to share up to date information and reach many people. This is why we want to invite you. As a subscriber to the FOF-newsletter, visitor of the FOF-website or as a guest to one of the meetings, we want to invite you to participate and magnify our impact and create a multiplier effect.

We invite you to share your inspiration or concern around what is happening in the world around food, including food production, the preparation of food, sharing of food and communication and education about food.

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A Deep Ecologist absorbed by all the subtle qualities of Landscapes; I am a Gardener, farmer and land-artist. Since a child I've been fascinated by the meaning of Life, I'm a bit of a Biologist but mainly try to be a Holistic Learner. I'm guided by the Senses of Place, Self and Community in my work as Program Coordinator, IT Designer and E(co)facilitator. - ;)

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