Food Mimes

Food Mimes are a drama medium, involving miming or acting out a story about food through body motions, without use of speech.

The video edited above was recorded during our 3rd Meeting in April 2014; the game proved to be a great group bonding activity that initiated conversations that noticeably benefited from a more embodied and personalized common language that somehow started to grasp the inherent diversity within the group.

The Future of Food Learning Partnership is keen to explore role of games and spontaneous creative drama such as “Food Mimes” activities relevant in educational settings with children and adults.

Food mimes guidelines for group activities:

1. The group divides into reasonable size teams, depending on the groups size and the length of time.

2. Each team has a set period of time to come up with, and rehears, a spontaneous group theatrical piece about a “secret” Food stories from the 4 fields of food, to be guessed by the other team/s.

This is a great opportunity to remind the group about the 4 fields of food and spend sometime exploring possible “food stories”:

A. Growing & Collecting
B. Food Preparation
C. Eating & Sharing
D. Education and Communication

3. The acting groups then have a set period of time in which to convey the secret “food stories” to the guessers by pantomime.


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