Hurry up and eat your slow food

Hurry Up and Eat your slow food


Hurry Up and eat your slow food,

Stop making such a fuss,

Hurry up and eat your slow food

’cause we’re gonna miss the bus

The climate is is changing fast,

No time to sit and stare

We have to heal this planet

and show each other how to care

There is no time for digestion

We are really in a race

The ice caps they are melting

and are gonna flood this place

So hurry up and eat your slow food

Stop making all this fuss

Get it into you quickly

We have to catch that bus

No more time for self indulgence

We have to serve this land

So get up off your backsides

And give your heart and hands

Food is all around us

In forest, lake and sea,

We only need the knowledge,

So we can start to see

There was a black time in the past

When famine spread throughout the land

That time will come again for us

This you must understand

One million people starved to death

a population in sharp decline

A land was torn asunder

but monoculture does not mind

They relied on one potato

which was ruined with blight

And Ireland’s sons and daughters

died or just took flight

What is this stuff we’re eating

Does it grow here on our soil

or is it the production

of some poorer person’s toil

It’s time to wake and shake ourselves

We’ve been sleeping for too long

We need to courage to use our voice

to admit we have been wrong

We have to work together

Move past our egos call

We all hold a part of the jigsaw

But none of us hold them all

Communities across the world

are growing day by day

to take charge of their resources

and finally have their say

And now I really have to go

The future of food is ours to choose

But if we choose the passive route

Then all of us will lose

So hurry upĀ Get into slow food

Take your time and make your choice

If it don’t look like its natural

Then have courage and use your voice

Your food is your liberation

from the shackles of industry

take time to grow and know your food

and your struggle will set you free

set you free set you free

and your struggle will set you free



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About Fionnuala

Fionnuala Collins works at East Clare Community Co-operative and is the Irish co-ordinator for this project. A philosophy graduate, she has furthered her studies with Community Development practice and Youth and Community work. Fionnuala is interested in how food can build partnerships and communities, especially in the act of sharing nutritious meals as a form of celebration. She is interested in why food poverty exists, and if there are really foods and diet lifestyles that either boost or destroy health. Fionnuala thinks The future of food partnership will bring together many aspects of community development practice and sustainable food production and sharing. Furthermore through sharing ideas, research and learning on what is the right direction for the future of food we might learn if there is a sustainable and health enhancing diet for the here and now.

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