Raw food recipes and food ideas from the German meeting


Here is a collection of the recipes we shared and learnt during our meeting in Germany. Ingredients were collected wildly or harvested freshly from the organic garden of the ecovillage Sieben Linden or bought from local organic farmers. We hope to give you inspiration on what to put on your table! Enjoy
Note: Best to use ORGANIC ingredients! Especially greens and lemon, orange.

The group in process at Julia’s kitchen

Flower crackers
– whole flaxseed, soaked in clean water soaked for 1/2 hour
– fresh, sprouted buckwheat
– flower petals (for example calendula petals)
– sprouts
– shredded carrot
The soaked flaxseed create a jelly consistency. Mix everything in a bowl, spread on the tray of a dehydrator and dehydrate till it becomes totally crispy.

“Cheezy” vegan sunflower seed spread
– whole sunflower seeds, soaked in clean water for 6-8 hours and drained /soaking helps the digestion and the work with the oily seeds and nuts!/
– nutrition yeast for flavour
– fresh organic lemon juice
– salt to taste
Blend everything with a little water in a high-speed blender till it is creamy and smooth. Eat it on a cracker, with salad or as a filling in a veg!

SONY DSCEdible flowers’ harvest on the farm.
SONY DSCEdible wild herbs and leafs are essential on the table! Learn about them from Joerg’s video.

Pumpkin spread
– whole pumpkin seeds, soaked in clean water for 6-8 hours and drained /soaking helps the digestion and the work with the oily seeds and nuts!/
– miso
– moringa powder
– nutrition yeast for flavour
– olive oil
– salt
Blend everything with a little water in a high-speed blender till it is creamy and smooth. Eat it on a cracker, with salad or as a filling in a veg!

Courgette ‘spaghetti’ with Puttanesca tomato sauce
For the ‘spaghetti’
Get a young, fresh courgette from the garden and with a spiralizer or a vegetable peeler slice it to spaghetti or other pasta like form. Put some salt on it, mix it and let it soften a bit.


For the Puttanesca tomato sauce
fresh tomato
any leftover part of the courgette
dried tomatoes soaked in water or use directly
fresh basil leafs.
Blend all sauce ingredients in a high speed blender.
Carefully mix the sauce with the ‘pasta’.



‘Potpouri’ salad

freshly sprouted buckwheat
beetroot cut into little, 1cmx1cm cubes
carrot cut into little, 1cmx1cm cubes
red bell pepper cut into little, 1cmx1cm cubes
tomato cut into little, 1cmx1cm cubes
1 small head of finely chopped onion
cold pressed sunflower seed oil
apple vinegar or lemon juice
finely cup parsley or other green herb
Mix all ingredients in a big bowl and let the tastes come together at least for an hour in the fridge.

Super ripe, tasty tomatoes made into a salad with finely cut onion, salt, cold pressed olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Best to serve with some fresh basil on it.
Some organic ingredients for the next meal.

‘Curried’ Califlower
finely chopped cauliflower
lemon juice
turmeric powder
roman cumin
Mix and ‘massage’ all ingredients together in a bowl so they soften. Alternatively you can use also broccoli flowers or cabbage in this dish.


Fionnuala’s hot! cauliflower bowl

freshly sprouted buckwheat
finely chopped parsley
lemon juice
red bell pepper chopped
fresh chili pepper
Mix everything in a bowl.


Raw vegan ‘sushi’

For the marinade:
cold pressed oil
little water
tamari soysauce
red pepper powder
fresh ginger
unibosi vinegar
apple vinegar
he-shou-won powder
Blend all marinade ingredients in a blender.
Choose different vegetables (carrot, cauliflower, courgette, radish, ginger, red bell pepper, beetroot, etc) clean them and cut them julienne (longish sticks). Keep each vegetable in a separate bowl and marinate them overnight with the marinade.
For the cream:
sunflower seeds soaked in water for 4-6 hours, drained
salt, lemon juice
Blend the seeds with the salt and lemon juice and some  water to get a thick cream.
Fill in a nori sheet with a fresh green leaf, cream and some of the marinated vegetables. Roll them up tightly and close it with some water at the edge. Cut the roll into rings with a sharp knife. Serve with soya sauce and green salad.



Almond ‘milk’

Making almond milk is easy and fun!
1 handful of almond, soaked in water for 12 hours or overnight, drained before using
1,5 liter water
Blend it in a blender. Drain it with a nutmilk bag or clothbag. Add any additional sweetener (honey, agave, sugar?) if you would like a sweet milk.




You can blend fresh wheatgrass also with some water in a blender to get wheatgrass juice. Than drain it with a nutmilk bag. Don’t forget to cut the wheatgrass into smaller pieces before you put it in the blender!

Tasted. Tested. Raw vegan cacao superfood cake made by Julia.
And an other supercharging raw vegan cake by Julia.

SONY DSCEat well.

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