Tree of Expectations


The tree of expectations is a group feedback tool that serves as a check-in point for participants in a meeting. Expectations are drawn on the leaves of a tree that symbolically represents a flowing cycle of energy.

Each participant shares with the group how much their expectations are being met by starting the first day by placing the leaf-expectation on the floor, whilst reading it out to the group.

 As the meeting goes on, every day each participant tries to spend sometime under the tree. Looking out for others expectations and raising or lowering his or her own as it feels right.

 The tree we grew during our first meeting had three types of leaves. Each color leaf held a special expectation related to one sense. They were the senses of place, self and community.

By Sharing expectations related to three kinds of senses, we avoid over simplifications and dualism. We allow participants to open up an inner journey, as well as place to discover and a group to belong to. A ritual brings the tree into being and a ritual set it free.

Some of the leaf-Expectations during our first meeting:

Sense of Place

  • Appreciate more the landscape and all the different herbs you can eat
  • To discover, try and learn new hidden places where stories come into being by themselves.
  • I would like to explore the place, find ideas for the place and for myself through the place.
  • see the place through different eyes
  • Share my knowledge and views about what I see here

Sense of Self

  • I would like to be filled up with clean air. Get new inspirations, tastes, recipes and ideas in the 4 fields.
  • Learn to put in practice how my knowledge can be communicated and how I can educate others
  • Being visionary and creative about food
  • being more conscious about my food
  • Confidence in the new food culture

Sense of Community

  • Always Learn
  • Learn something very new and interesting
  • To discover new ways of sharing this space
  • Help with some of the products and wherever help is needed.
  • create harmony, unity, family, inspiration and joy


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