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Jörg reports

 All around Sieben Linden beside the roads and tracks grow fruit trees of all sorts.

For instance, apples at one lane, plums on the other and so on. It’s amazing sight for fruit lovers. This is a heritage of the GDR, the other, recently deceased, german state. Commonly, fruit trees where planted everywhere in rural areas and then cared for and harvested by everyone.

Nowadays these trees are no longer cared for – sadly, buying fruits in a supermarket appears much more convenient. But a lot of these alleys still exist and you can go out there and harvest all kinds of fruits by yourself.


And that’s exactly what we all did a foodie august afternoon.

We set out to experience a cherry plum and pear alley with all our senses: the walk-to, the picking, the taste, the colors, the company, the talk and so on.

It was very inspiring and fun. We don’t know if it was all that fresh fruit but our creativity was out bursting. We came up with all sorts of “communication tools“, one being an idea for a short film, the very one we present here.

And, because we had so much fun, we made a teaser for another – yet to come – movie!

In Germany there are other interesting initiatives in this spirit:

foodsharing.de is an Internet platform that gives individuals, traders and manufacturers the opportunity to offer or collect excess food. By using foodsharing.de you can get together with others to cook and share excess food instead of throwing it away. The basic idea is: people share food. No money is involved because sharing also has an ethical dimension.

http://mundraub.org/ provides an interactive European map of free to pick fruit tree locations, mostly in Germany, but also in other countries. Mundraub aims to remind everyone of the old and forgotten fruits and their value for our landscape and biodiversity and to conserve them. Behind the icons on this map are real trees, shrubs and herbs. Users published them to share.

(“Mundraub” is an old fashioned colloquially word for theft or misappropriation of food or other household goods in tiny amounts or value. Since 1975 it is not liable to prosecution anymore. “Mundraub” literally means “to steal from ones mouth”.)

Free Knowledge & Technology for food production in Cities.

If you thought free food was all about fruit trees & wild plants in countrysides, than keep on reading ’cause you might be surprised.

Seb Reports

 In the heart of the biggest cities in the world, a new generation of farmers is being born. Young very creative almost bionic change makers. They see no separation between ecology and IT technology, and work very hard to couple these two unseemly symbiotic ways to produce free and accessible High-Low tech solutions for food Self sufficiency in urban environments.

Refarmthecity.org ::  open source tools for urban farmers

Check out their blog and amaze yourself with the alchemy between ecology, farming and technology.


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