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Documenting Thoughts on the Future of Food

Documenting Thoughts-  A Future of Food documentary This is a 20 minute documentary produced by Nick Bromfield and Fionnuala Collins from East Clare Community Co-op. It contains 22 mini-interviews with learners and co-ordinators on the Future of Food partnership, interwoven with images taken over the life of the project. It is filmed on location in […]

The little booklet of Children’s songs about food

This booklet for children and their parents is a result of the Future Of Food project. The Future of Food is a two year European learning partnership created to exchange practices related to sustainable and healthy food for planet and people. During a visit to Eco Village Sieben Linden in Germany in March 2015, an […]

The Four Elements Workshop

A Nature based workshop from a participant’s perspective by Sam Holmes, Ireland. On a Friday afternoon in Hungary, the Future of Food group went into the forest for a nature based workshop. The workshop was led by Fionnuala from Ireland and involved thinking about and being open to the four elements of nature: Air, Earth, […]