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Wilde7 LogoAbout the German partner, Wilde-7

Wilde-7 GbR is a small private enterprise set up to allow its two managing directors to turn their passion into something life sustaining, financially. Wilde-7 GbR also educates the wider public about the advantages of introducing wild flora into everyones diets again, as our predecessors did only a few decades ago naturally. Wilde-7 offers wild fresh herbs, workshops, lectures and stalls at events and gives Jörg and Michael the freedom to make a living in a very rural area and to participate in other activities in ecovillage Sieben Linden, their home.

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Jörg ZimmermannAbout the German coordinator, Jörg

Dipl.-Ing. agricultural Jörg Zimmermann has been working for more than 10 years with wild plants and the various possibilities of their use for human consumption. After completing preparatory studies in specialized agricultural science at the Humboldt University in Berlin, he moved to the University of Kassel/Witzenhausen and studied further Organic Agricultural Sciences. His personal focus was on pure vegetable, vegan-organic farming. After his studies, he moved to the ecovillage Sieben Linden. Since 2003 he lives and works mainly as organic vegetable gardener. In 2008 together with his compagnon he started the wild herb delivery business Wilde-7 GbR. In 2012 he and 3 other Sieben Linden residents started another co-op together: Raw Living Deutschland – an online marketplace for raw and healthy quality food.

Politically he was active in an global agricultural network and several anti-gmo campaigns, beside other things.

Since he choosed a vegan lifestyle in 1997 he fell in love with food – and still is.

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Raw food recipes and food ideas from the German meeting

Here is a collection of the recipes we shared and learnt during our meeting in Germany. Ingredients were collected wildly or harvested freshly from the organic garden of the ecovillage Sieben Linden or bought from local organic farmers. We hope to give you inspiration on what to put on your table! Enjoy Note: Best to use […]

We are Loving it! “2*Videos”

 All around Sieben Linden beside the roads and tracks grow fruit trees of all sorts. For instance, apples at one lane, plums on the other and so on. It’s amazing sight for fruit lovers. This is a heritage of the GDR, the other, recently deceased, german state. Commonly, fruit trees where planted everywhere in rural areas and then […]

purchasing kale for a kale and chestnut stew

This Film is a little teaser for the upcoming Zine. It was made at Posada del Valle, Asturias, Spain, at the first meeting of our learning partnership. Julia and Sebastian visiting Viktor, a neighbour, to get some fresh kale for a typical asturian meal: kale and chestnut stew. That day we prepared a cooked and […]

wild edible flora of Asturias, Spain

Here is our first little documentary, filmed at Posada del Valle, Asturias, Spain, during the first learning partnership meeting in november 2013. There was no script, only the idea and a just-do-it-approach. So Cristina and Jörg went into the garden of our venue and filmed everything that didn’t run away quick enough. Afterwards Jörg just […]