Monique Wijn

Poster of the rainbowdiet

Rainbow-diet or  chakra diet.

Inspired by the workshop of Belinda van der Pool from the Netherlands in the Dutch meeting, with the beautiful ornaments of edible fruits and veggies in the seven chakra colors, we created a poster on the chakra- or seven colors rainbow diet. Eating from all seven colors every day or even meal will give you abundance of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.


Click here to open and/or download the pdf:

Rainbow diet poster

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Monique Wijn

About Monique Wijn

Monique is fascinated with food since a long time. She studied biology and became a vegetarian. Food was her main topic, along with environmental health and complementary medicine. She created educational materials for school children and for analphabetic mediterranean women. In the ninetees she leaded a green consumer organisation raising awareness on the ecological and social impacts of food production. She leaded campaigns on the risk of genetic engineering and radiation of food; on the impact of global transport of food; on agri-biodiversity and on oestrogenes in food. Since 12 years she is a gardener in edible wild plants and a seedsaver, after studying biodynamic agriculture, permaculture and agroforestry. She has a diet of mostly raw, vegan and wild plants. She wants to explore the relation of food and health on all four dimensions (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and the relation of food and consciousness. For her, healthy food is only truly healthy if it is at the same time healthy for plants, animals and the planet. Recently she is involved in the transition movement: how local food production and urban gardening can contribute in creating sustainable and resilient communities. website: Blog:

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